Private Coaching

Are you keen to learn how to breathe better? Adopting the Breathful Habit is a 5-week one-on-one coaching journey that will improve your breathing, your vitality, and your overall resilience. It starts with a free discovery session, where we will explore your intentions/ goals and see if we are a good fit. The next four weekly sessions will include a breathing assessment, followed by the introduction of foundational breathing practices and techniques, methods to manage your nervous system, stress resilience strategies, and practices for enhancing your mental clarity and sleep quality. By the end of the program, you will have a personalised, effective, and efficient breath practice that will support your health and well-being in multiple ways.

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Learn how an easy breath practice tailored to your needs and lifestyle can improve your everyday quality of life and equip you to meet its challenges.

Loic Lopez
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Breathing Workshop

Do you know of anyone who might be Interested in hosting a Breath Mastery Workshop? I teach a 4-part Breathing Workshop for stress relief, energy management, better digestion and deep sleep. It’s a 1-hour weekly workshop for four consecutive weeks. It’s very simple to run, and the participants get amazing results. Interested?

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Bespoke Programs

Are you looking for a speaker or facilitator to present a paricipative live session on the science and art of breath? I love to share my passion for conscious breathing with different audiences and settings. That’s why I create Bespoke Programs that suit the needs and goals of community groups, workplaces, conferences, and public events. Whether you want to learn the basics of breathwork, deepen your practice, or explore new techniques, I can design a program that will inspire and empower you.

Breathful Yoga

Would you prefer to flow with the breath? In addition to coaching, workshops, I also offer breath-infused yoga that combine mindful breathing with gentle movements and poses. These classes are suitable for small groups and individuals who want to experience the benefits of breathwork and yoga.

Guide the breath – Breathe the change